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Relying on the Chaonong planting and breeding professional cooperative in Raoping County, we try to build an innovative agricultural service company - Guangdong Chaonong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.At present, the cooperative + company has a unified strategy, set up the post of general manager internally, and set up five core departments under the general manager's office.

General affairs department: Chaonong administration, personnel and publicity work, coordinate the communication and exchange of various departments, and assist the external business of the enterprise.

Logistics Department: responsible for the logistics operation of Chaonong, specifically for warehouse management, agricultural materials handling, vegetable transportation, etc.

Marketing department: responsible for the sales of agricultural bases and providing online and offline sales services of agricultural bases.

Base operation Department: responsible for quality supervision and planting technical guidance of agricultural base.

Ministry of agricultural machinery: responsible for the management of heavy machinery in Chaozhou agricultural industry and mobilizing large-scale agricultural equipment to assist in the planting of agricultural bases.


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