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  Microbial fertilizer refers to a kind of fertilizer products that take the life activities of microorganisms as the core and make crops obtain specific fertilizer effects. Microbial fertilizer can not only promote crop growth, improve crop disease resistance and stress resistance, but also improve the supply of soil nutrients. After microbial fertilizer is applied to the soil, a series of effects such as "symbiosis and co prosperity effect of fungi and crops", "nutrient coordination effect" and "biological nitrogen fixation effect" will be produced among bacteria, crops and soil ecological environment, which are conducive to the healthy growth and stable yield increase of crops. Its main action mechanism includes the following five aspects:


Relying on scientific production, efficient management, microbial fertilizer and other technologies, Raoping Chaonong planting and breeding professional cooperative has successfully achieved "three highs" in production and management - high yield, high quality and high efficiency

Only new creatures: without water, every drop is the magic of the micro world


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